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The Chevron Ecuador Saga Continues as Second Circuit Overturns Anti-Enforcement Injunction

By Neil A.F. Popović and Rachel Tarko Hudson In the latest U.S. chapter of the long and hard-fought battle over claims of pollution and adverse health effects from oil development in the Ecuadorian rain forest by Texaco (acquired by Chevron in 2001), a potentially important court victory has gone to the so-called Lago Agrio plaintiffs. On January … Continue Reading

Taking a Cue From Brazil’s Sustainable Development Practices Past and Present

By Whitney A. Hodges Brazil’s Long-Standing Commitment to Sustainability Brazil arguably boasts some of the most breathtaking natural wonders and extensive natural resources worldwide. Covering a total area of over eight and a half million square kilometers, Brazil features more than two hundred million hectares of rangeland, over six million hectares of farmland, and one … Continue Reading